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Arashi Blast in Hawaii Tickets going on sale for the general public →


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So, instead of just inviting fan club members, they’ve decided to let the general public get a chance to buy tickets.

Ticket sales start on Saturday at 9AM. I’m not sure if it’s this Saturday, or some other Saturday bc it doesn’t state that in the article (-_-;) But I’m…

omg..that ticket price is really affordable though. Wish they would perform somewhere in Europe, I would so go. Too bad my whole trip to Hawaii (5 night stay or so) would be like 1500 euros at least…so it is bit too much. With the same expenses I could stay in Tokyo easily for over a week or so ,meals etc included :/ So sad :/

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Kudoi Mise →


I recently rewatched all of the Shiyagare episodes and figured that I should try tallying up the pairings for Kudoi Mise up to this point (14.08.09).

All: 3

Yama: 2

Ohba: 2

Ohmiya: 4

Juntoshi: 4

Sakuraiba: 3

Sakumiya: 3

Sakumoto: 0

Aimiya: 3

Junba: 6

Matsumiya: 2

The numbers are spaced out fairly well throughout the board, but Junba is currently dominating. And wow, “what a surprise”

Real shocker @ sakumoto…..not -.-

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