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LOL! funny couple…Sho san and Jun kun


that first pic *-*

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We all have to have this song on our blog today don’t we?

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Thank you for showing me the meaning of true friendship! Thank you for always coming up with something new and surprising! Thank you for being such huge dorks and showing its ok to laugh to yourself! Thank you for your amazingly beautiful and entertaining concerts! Thank you for all those insightful interviews! Thank you for making me want to learn Japanese! Thank you for always trying your best in everything you do! Thank you for introducing me to the world of variety shows! Thank you for always being there, smiling for all these years! Thank you MatsujunThank you NinoThank you Aiba-chanThank you Sho-kunThank you Riidaa!

Thank you 嵐!


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Hmm~ Nino will be acting in a drama SP to called “Oriento kyuukou satsujin Jiken (2015)”. Jun-kun did it in 2010 for Fuji’s 50th anniversay (Wagashi no rekishii, 9-11th April 2010) 
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yeah…*sigh*…. Greetings from Finland *-*

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Nino’s new Hitachi CM preview

its too cute! Nino and baby!! 

I’m drowning in Nino cm heaven. 1st it was Pocky, then Kirin, then Nissin Ollio, and now Hitachi!! <333

he is so cute, omg! with the baby its like way too much for me to handle *-*

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By the name of the album and what the title song is supposed to sound like, If Arashi’s new album sounds anything similar to Intergalactic I will be a very happy camper. I love this song. <3


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Arashi to appear on MUSIC STATION live from Hawaii →



TV Asahi's 'MUSIC STATION' will broadcast its 3-hour special on September 26. It's been revealed that Arashi will make their appearance on this show live from Hawaii.

The 3-hour special will commemorate MUSIC STATION’s 105th episode since it first aired in October of 1999. Arashi will…

Can´t wait!!!!!!


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Happy Birthday Jun-kun! You are always an inspiration: hardworking, earnest…mister perfect ~.~ I´m forever grateful for you that I got to know the other four guys as well. Please continue to be your shining self 

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